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Will Doctors Really Quit?


July 13, 2012

Man, has Doctor Patient Medical Association caught some attention recently!  The Daily Caller ran a story on Tuesday highlighting results from our survey - and then a media onslaught followed.  Because of this media - we've heard from thousands of you, many doctors who are sharing their personal stories and many others who think the survey is a political stunt and completely inaccurate.  The truth is, we've done exactly what DPMA has set out to do as an organization - create an opportunity for dialog between doctors and patients. 

What caused all this attention?  A headline that said "83% of doctors consider quitting because of Obamacare."  To set the record straight, it's important to point out - our survey results indicated 83% of doctors are considering quitting because of the current direction of medicine - not specifically the Health Care Reform law of 2010.    Did the law have an impact in their feelings?  Certainly.  However, this is a trend that has been widely documented in surveys over the years.  The health care system was broken long before Nancy Pelosi and the 2010 Congress passed the bill.  Both Republicans AND Democrats over the years need to claim responsibility for the situation we sit in today. 

What's the #1 question patients are asking us?  Do you REALLY think 83% of doctors will quit?  Our response - not likely.  HOWEVER, what doctors are telling us is that they are looking at creative ways to practice medicine and get back to what they want to be doing - TREATING PATIENTS.  The 83% response is part of the growing trend that has been reported in numerous other studies as well - including Deloitte, Physicians Foundation, and Sermo.  All these surveys show that doctors are unhappy.  One only needs to read our survey responses to see our frustrated they feel.  As Dr. Marc Seigel pointed out on Fox News (LINK) - "If you are going to go see your doctor, you don't want your doctor to be unhappy."

What do doctors do when they're unhappy?  They look for alternate ways to practice medicine -- perhaps they will leave private practice and join a larger, hospital based practice where they become employees of the hospital, perhaps they will make the decision of 69% of Texas physicians and decide to no longer accept Medicaid patients.  Or, perhaps they'll join the growing ranks of physicians that will move to a cash practice, removing the burdens placed on them by government and insurance companies. 

What would this mean to you, as a patient?  You might have to wait an additional week or two to get on the doctors calendar, doctors will likely spend less face-to-face time with you during appointments, or perhaps you might have to drive further to find a doctor that accepts your insurance.

Bottom line?  Instead of searching for reasons to discredit the results of our survey - TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR . Pick up the phone or at your next appointment ask them:  are you considering quitting because of the current direction of medicine?  I bet the response will be enlightening. 

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2012survery results callout

DPMA in the News!

August 1st, 2012

Written by Loren Heal

Physicians reacted with shock and anger to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the President Obama’s health care law, according to poll data and the leaders of activist groups, which are continuing to fight the law in court and via political action.

According to Kathryn Serkes, cofounder of the Doctor Patient Medical Association, a recent nationwide poll sponsored by her organization found 83 percent of U.S. physicians have considered leaving their practices due to President Obama’s law.

“This not just something that started today, and it’s not something that just started with passage” of Obama’s law, said Serkes. “There have been developments in medicine that have made it very, very difficult and have put some seriously different pressures on doctors. But this bill has certainly brought things to a head.”

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