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The highest level of trust between patient and medical professionals is necessary for the highest level of care.

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Doctors and medical professionals are the frontline defense of patients’ medical privacy.

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Participation in government programs or health care plans should be voluntary for both patients and medical professionals.

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Medical care is best when medical professionals and patients are able to make decisions unfettered by restrictions from outside parties.

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Patients’ freedom to directly contract with, and pay for medical professionals empowers medical professionals to give the best care to patients.

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Patients should be free to choose and own their own health care plans instead of forced to accept the choices of their employer or other third-parties.

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Patients who choose to pay out-of-pocket or are uninsured should not be discriminated against with higher prices, fewer choices, or refusal of service.

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Hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and government-contracted carriers should post prices so that consumers can shop and compare.

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Creates a thriving market for innovation, drives down prices, promotes quality and increases patient choices.

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We must strive to expand access to care, not expand insurance. Health insurance plans & “coverage” are not the same as providing actual medical care.

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Placing responsibility on the shoulders of the patients will encourage individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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An active, engaged & educated patient is a better partner to help medical professionals deliver the best, individualized care.

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Care should always be individualized with decisions made by the patient and medical professional specifically for that patient.

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Join DPMA TODAY and support an organization that supports YOU by taking your message directly to patients and the public. We are the only group on the ground educating patients about the threats and challenges you face to practice your profession.

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Doctors first hand accounts of how the system actually interferes with their ability to give great, personal care to their patients...


Health Savings Account (HSA):
A tax-advantaged savings account to pay for medical expenses. The account is usually linked to a high deductible health plan.

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New National Doctors’ Poll from DPMA

What’s Really Wrong with Medicine, Who’s to Blame and What Will Fix It

Nine out of 10 doctors say medicine is on the wrong track, most think about quitting and find it hard to practice ethical medicine. They say government is most to blame for the mess, but  are quick to add neither Congress nor the President - can be trusted to fix things.

An overwhelming 9 of 10 doctors say that current changes make them think about quitting. Only 5% say that they are "re-energized" by changes in the medical system. These are all-time high numbers since the 1960's.

“The numbers of doctors who are ready to throw in the towel are stunning,” said Kathryn Serkes co-founder and Chair of DPMA and author of the survey, which concluded on May 26.  “These results are particularly enlightening about the shaky future of private practice –  it may go the way of Marcus Welby and the old country doc, “ said Serkes.  “Private practice doctors say they are an endangered species whose existence is threatened by poaching by corporate medicine, insurance and government,” said Serkes.  “This is a slow-motion medical disaster in the making.”

They survey includes 699 doctors,  23% Primary Care Providers (Internal Medicine, Family Practice),  10% General Surgery, 11% Hospital-based specialists and 56% Office-based specialists in active practice across  45 states.

View the survey here  or download the survey results PDF


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